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May 7. [[underlined]] 1894 [[/underlined]]
[[underlined]] To Ewing [[/underlined]] 1 hour.

Pinnated grouse 3
Otocoris Com
Poocatis [[overwritten]] 2 [[/overwritten]] 4
Amodramus  Com
Zenaidura 4
Subis purpureus 1
Colaptes 2
Cyanocitta cristata, heard
Xanthocephalus  about 80
a flock of 43 & 3 Molothrus on pig pen fence at 8:08 P.M. nearly dark mostly [[2 male symbols]]
[[underlined]] May 8 Ewing [[/underlined]]
Xanthocephalus  30 at Pig pen
Molothrus 20 at pig pen
Aegelais phoeniceus, 6 or 8 " [[Ditto for: at pig pen}]
Quiscalus a few seen

S. franklini, 2 repd by boy.
Artemisia frigida
" [[Ditto for: Artemisia]]
Yucca glauca com.
Prunus [[marotimus?]] ? " [[Ditto for: com]]
" [[Ditto for: Lithospermum]]
Amorpha canescens com.
Lathyrus ornatus (pea) " [[Ditto for: com]]

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[[underlined]] May 8 to Norfolk [[/underlined]]

Pinnated grouse  7
Quiscalus com
Melospiza fasciata 1
Ceryle alcyon 1
Troglodites a. [[parkwain?]] 2
Cyanocitta cristata 4
Harporhynchus 4
Sialia sialis 2
Chondestes 1
Spinus tristis 2
Dendroica aestiva 1
[[Ammodramus archdanus?]] 6
Zenaidura macroura 6
Colaptes auratus 2
Hirundo erythrogaster 7
Tyrannus tyrannus 2
Zonotrichia (Harris) 1 shot. 2
Sturnella var. neglecta com
Vireo olivaceus 1
Merula 4
Molothrus ater com
Martin " [[Ditto for: com]]
Colinus virginianus   2
Passer domesticus.  com.
Geomys hill -  24 in across
 8 in high in center
 4 in when leveled

Lepus sylvaticus

Transcription Notes:
Checked Latin species names, left Vernon's original spelling, anything I'm not sure of is in [[?]]. Various notes on more difficult latin names are below. Otocoris = old species name for the Prairie Horned Lark Amodramus = Vernon probably means Ammodramus Aegelais phoeniceus = Vernon probably means Agelaius phoeniceus [[marotimus?]] = Vernon's m's sometimes look like w's. See how he writes Amorpha below.