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[[underlined]] North Yuba [[/underlined]] River 11:30 1800
Calecanthus occidintalis
Berberis repens
[[underlined]] Lunch on grade [[/underlined]] - 2200
Corylus calif -
[[underlined]] Camptonville [[/underlined]]. 18 mi. 2780.

[[underlined]] Camp at hotel [[/underlined]] 3 mi. 3750.

Rosa gymnocarpa

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[[underlined]] June 22 [[/underlined]] Camp 3750
Abies [[strikethrough]] [[shespress?]] [[/strikethrough]] magnifica 4000.
Arctostaphylos manzanita  " [[Ditto for: 4000.]]
" [[Ditto for: Arctostaphylos]] nevadensis " [[Ditto for: 4000.]]
Rosa gymnocarpa
[[underlined]] 6 mil. [[/underlined]]. 4500
[[Casterofolis?]] " [[Ditto for: 4500]]
Ceonothus cordulatus " [[Ditto for: 4500]]
[[Catthsudan?]] 4708
[[underlined]] Lunch [[/underlined]] 8 mi. " [[Ditto for: 4708]]

[[underlined]] Toll House [[/underlined]], 2 mi. 4500
Acer glabrum N.E.
down long glade to
Yuba R. 5 mi.
[[underlined]] Camp [[/underlined]] 2800
Taxus  " [[Ditto for: 2800]] by stream 
Prunus oregonus
Rubus black cap.
" [[Ditto for: Rubus]] nutkanus
Maidinhair fern
Dicentra formosa 
Convolvulus wooly leaf
Eriogonum tall

Transcription Notes:
Checked species names via google, kept Vernon's spelling, anything I'm not sure of I've kept in [[?]] Calecanthus occidintalis = Vernon probably means calycanthus occidentalis Crategus = Crataegus