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[[underlined]] Colorado [[/underlined]]
Milvulus forficalus 2
Callipepla squamata 2 half way between C. & Big Spr.
Sturnella com
Lenaidura abn.
Colinus 2
Otocoris big flocks
Hydrochelidon - 1
Calamospiza abn
Mimus polyglottos
Corvus cryptoleucus 1
Ardea herodias at pond

[[underlined]] Big Spring [[/underlined]] 8 AM
Open plain half hour west of Big Springs

[[underlined]] Stanton [[/underlined]]
dwarf mesquite
Geomys hills all along
Cynomys - abn.

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[[underlined]] Midland [[/underlined]]
Dwarf mesquite plain. no more prairie dogs. one small P.D. colony.
[[underlined]] Odessa [[/underlined]]
Scattered dwarf mesquite.
Red soil, [[now?]] [[bare?]] plain.
A few prairie dogs. 
Dipoidomys spectabilis
com. a half hour west of [[underlined]] Odessa [[/underlined]]
neotoma house
Yucca baccata like - 6 - 8 feet high.
Larrea com
Koeberlinia " [[Ditto for: com]]
Condalla or Zizyphys
Amphispiza bilineata 1
[[underlined]] Edge of Sand [[/underlined]] about 40 mi west of Odessa
Sand hills & dunes

[[underlined]] Monahans [[/underlined]] - right in the dunes flat country/ firm soil
to [[underlined]] Barstow [[/underlined]]

Transcription Notes:
Milvulus forticalus = Milvulus forficatus [uncrossed t?]

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