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[[underlined]] Barstow [[/underlined]]
alkalie, saltgrass,
Atriplex, Larrea
Acacia, mesquite,
green Ephedra
[[underlined]] Pecos City [[/underlined]]

[[underlined]] Toyah [[/underlined]] 1:40
to west edge of Pecos Valley.
[[underlined]] San Martino [[/underlined]] in foothills

[[underlined]] Kent [[/underlined]] in the hills
section house & station & water
Big valley basin -
[[underlined]] Van Horn [[/underlined]]
Store & water
up slope to
[[underlined]] Allamore [[/underlined]] - section house - road to north, & S.
[[underlined]] Eagle Flat [[/underlined]] top of mesa
just a sectionhouse
[[underlined]] Sierra Blanca [[/underlined]] 5 P.M.

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[[underlined]] May 6 [[/underlined]] To Marathon, 5:12 A.M.

[[underlined]] May 7 [[/underlined]] Marathon 9 A.M.
Water all along, good grass
Thomomys com.
[[underlined]] Haymond [[/underlined]]

[[underlined]] Emerson [[/underlined]] - Section house

[[underlined]] Dryden [[/underlined]], Section house, station & P.O. lots of water
[[underlined]] Lozier [[/underlined]] Section house
[[underlined]] Samuels [[/underlined]] 2 section houses

[[underlined]] Osman [[/underlined]] little section house
[[underlined]] Langtry [[/underlined]] 2 P.M.

[[underlined]] May 8 [[/underlined]] Langtry to Comstock & back to Dryden.

Pentstemon baccharifolius
Nicotiana glauca - tobacco tree.

Transcription Notes:
used old RR map of Texas at to help me suss out some of the location names. the only "town" I couldn't account for was the one I transcribed as "Sawnels?" Pretty sure the one you can't get is "Samuels"