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[[underlined]] May 10 [[/underlined]], Camp near Sanderson 
(10 mi E.) in gulch " [[Ditto for: near Sanderson]]
Sophora secundiflora  canyon
Forsteria angustifolia " [[Ditto for: canyon]]
Bunelia angustifolia ? " [[Ditto for: canyon]]
Juglans rupestris " [[Ditto for: canyon]] 
Fallugia " [[Ditto for: canyon]]
Ceanothus ovatus
" [[Ditto for: Ceanothus]] fendleri
[[A left-pointing arrow drawn here is connected to a bracket on opposite page. See formatting note on that page.]] 
Opuntia engelmani ?
" [[Ditto for: Opuntia]] rafinesquie ?
" [[Ditto for: Opuntia]] lepticaulis
Microrhammus ericoides
Yucca b. macrocarpa      dominant
" [[Ditto for: Yucca]] glauca stricta   com
" [[Ditto for: Yucca]] rigida    a few
Dasyterion abn
Nolina    com
[[Sebonelerian?]] " [[Ditto for: com]]
20 mi. camped 10 mi. W. of Sanderson

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[[underlined]] May 10 [[/underlined]]
. Calipepla [[strikethrough]] [[castemogastris?]] [[/strikethrough]] squamata, com
. Vireo atrecapillus " [[Ditto for: com]]
. [[Harporhynchus curircastis? ?]]  1
. Melanerpes aurifrons com
. Pipilo [[strikethrough]] aberti [[/strikethrough]] [[enesobucos?]] 2
. Cardinalis    com
. Cyanospiza versicolor 1
. Zonotrichia leucophrus   com
. Mimus pollyglottos com
[[The following six items have a left bracket drawn and an arrow pointing to previous page so that they will be grouped with other botanical items. See note on that page]] 
Leucaena retusa, orange heads
" [[Ditto for: Leucaena]] pulverulenta, white heads.
Ungnadia speciosa
Rhus microphylla
" [[Ditto for: Rhus]] virens
Atriplex canescens
. Calamospiza   abn.
. Chondestes    com
. Zenaidura     com
. Myiarchus cinesascans    2
. Anthus  com. at pond
. Phalaenoptilus com
. Chordieles " [[Ditto for: com]]
. Dendroica auduboni. 1 at pond.

Transcription Notes:
Checked species names, kept Vernon's spelling and anything I couldn't get is in [[?]]. Didn't make much progress - Sorry! Man, this one was tough. Hoping a Bailey expert can ferret out items with question marks. re: rafinesquie. I doubt my translation here because I know that Bailey knows how to spell Rafinesque. But it sure looks like a dotted "i" in there. Long day on the trail? re: Bacchiris: he has spelled this right elsewhere but I'm calling it like I see it.