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[[underlined]] Jefferson. Tex. [[/underlined]] June 8.

Aegialites vocifera     2 heard
. Colinus  [[strikethrough]] heard [[/strikethrough]]     com
. [[Coephleus?]] pileolatus [[strikethrough]] heard [[/strikethrough]]     com
. Melanerpes erythrocephalus [[strikethough]] 9 [[/strikethrough]]     com
. Swift [[strikethrough]] 1 [[/strikethrough]]     abn
Zenaidura     com
. Sialia salis     com.
. Mimus carolinensis     com
. Icteria virens     com
. Piranga rubra     com
. Geothlypis trichas     1 [[male symbol]] com
. Spizella socialis     com
. Vireo olivacius     " [[Ditto for: com]]
Turdus wood -     com
. Tyrannus tyrannus     com.
Passer domestica     abn.. in town
. Cyanocitta     com
. Falco sparverius     " [[Ditto for: com]]
[[Tocchivita?]]     ? 
Cathartes aura     com
. Corvus [[aur?]] - [[strikethrough]] heard [[/strikethrough]] com
. Syrneum nebulosum ?     " [[Ditto for: com]]
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Polioplila caerulea     com
Cardinalis      " [[Ditto for: com]].
Mniotiltea varia     2
Mimus pollyglottos     com.
Coccyzus     seen heard
Thryothrus carolinensis     com.
Ardea caerulea     2.
Tantalus loculator     5.
Contopus virens     com.
Mimus polyglottos     " [[Ditto for: com]].
Progne subis     " [[Ditto for: com]].
Passer domestica     abn.

[[underlined]] June 9 [[/underlined]]
Chondestes     1.
Cyanospiza cyanea     com
[[underlined]] June 10 [[/underlined]] at [[underlined]] Richard Cranes [[/underlined]]
Icteria miss -     2
Redstart     2

Transcription Notes:
First pass on this. Latin species names need googling to check but keep Vernon's original spelling. A few names were not found. Names all Googled. Left incorrect spellings as written. All found except those bracketed [[?]] 27/2 Have had another go with a little bit of success, see below notes -@siobhanleachman . [[Coephleus?]] pileolatus - C Hart Merrium (colleague of Vernon's) mentions a bird - pusillus pileolatus so possibly Vernon means that? Corvus is the genus for crows. What looks like Denclroica, I think is Vernon's bad writing and is actually Dendroica. He mentions it and spells it correctly in other parts of project.

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