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[[underlined]] June 22 [[/underlined]]
[[underlined]] Beaumont [[/underlined]] to Sabine Pass
Ricifields below Gladys near [[blank space]] which is only a side track. a house in distance - good place to go for days hunt.

[[underlined]] Taylors [[Beryon?]] [[/underlined]] - near
Port Arthur - a good location for [[sat?]] marsh & cayons - probably a place to stay - at little hotel or section hous

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[[underlined]] June 22 [[/underlined]]

Quiscalus com
Agelaius & yg. com
[[strikethrough]] Xanthouphalus ? 1 [[/strikethrough]]
Sturnella com
Otocaris 3
Chardicks abn
Rallus 8
Ardea caernlea com
" [[Ditto for: Ardea]] Viresceus 2
Symphinia com
Progne sibes com
[[Aemodeamus?]] ? big & dark
Tyrannus Tyrannus com
Himentopus [[mexicanus?]] 2 
Passer domestica com
[[Pholaerocoson?]] 1
Cistothurus com
Ardea herodius 1
Cathartes aura com
[[Catherestes?]] " [[Ditto for: com]]

Transcription Notes:
First pass, species names need checking (finding letters hard to work out b/c of pen), Vernon's spelling kept Double checked but anything I'm not sure of is in [[?]] With a bit of detective work they can probably be worked out.

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