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[[underlined]] Custer Point [[/underlined]]
[[underlined]] June 26 & 7 [[/underlined]]
Aegialitis vocifera com
Colinus texianus "  [[Ditto for: com]]
Zenaida "   [[Ditto for: com]]
[[Scardafula ince?]] " [[Ditto for: com]]
Cathartes aura " [[Ditto for: com]]
[[Ctheristis atrata?]] " [[Ditto for: com]]
Buteo v. calurus 1
Melanerpes  com
Dryobatus s. bairdi " [[Ditto for: com]]
Milvulus " [[Ditto for: com]]
Contopus virens ?    1
Corvus    heard
Cyanocitta ? 2
Molothrus      2
Piranga rubra ?     com
Chondestes -      abn
Petrochelidon   com - breeding
Ceryle alcyon   1
Trochilus [[female symbol]] 1
Icterus spurius  a few
Icteria virens " [[Ditto for: a few]]

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Progne subis?     abn
Mimus pollyglottos  abn
Thryomanes  1 pair, nesting
Parus carolinensis?   com
Parus bicolor?  " [[Ditto for: com]]
Cyanospiza versicolor " [[Ditto for: com]]
Cardinalis cardinalis " [[Ditto for com]]

[[underline]] June 29 [[/underline]] Kerrville -
Coccyzus americanus  1
Spizella pusilla ?   com
Ardea virescens  1
Antrostomus macromistax ? 1

Transcription Notes:
I've checked species names and any I can't find or am unsure of I've left with [[?]] around them. I've kept Vernon's original spelling as asked in Transcription Centre instructions - @siobhanleachman

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