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[[underlined]] May 16 [[/underlined]]
[[underlined]] Washington [[/underlined]] 10 A.M.
[[underlined]] Cumberland [[/underlined]] 2 PM
[[underlined]] Parkersburg [[/underlined]] 9 P.M.

[[underlined]] May 17 [[/underlined]]
Daylight in Indiana
St. Louis 1:35
Kansas City 9:30 P.M.
" [[Ditto for: Kansas City]] left at 11 P.M.

[[underlined]] May 18 [[/underlined]]
[[underlined]] Pratt, [[/underlined]] Kansas 9:45 A.M.
Open plains, good wheat & grass.
Scissor Tail flycatcher, one at Pratt.
Yucca glauca, a few, the first
Orytropis in flowers
Castillia, yellow, abn.
Geomys hills - abn.

[[underlined]] Haviland [[/underlined]]

[[underlined]] Bucklin [[/underlined]] 11:30
Opuntia common
Plantago " [[Ditto for: common]]
Malvastrum coccyneum
Allium, pink, abn.

Transcription Notes:
Orytropis = Oxytropis - possibly Vernon forgot to cross his x? Transcribed as it looks. Checked species names, kept Vernon's spelling, anything I'm unsure of is in [[?]] - @siobhanleachman

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