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[[underlined]] May 5 Mott's Ranch [[/underlined]]
Pinus edulis
Populus monelifera, along streams
[[strikethrough]] Juglans rupestris [[/strikethrough]] " [[Ditto for: along streams]]
Salix " [[Ditto for: along streams]]
Celtis  cliffs
Rhus trilobata in gulch
Mesquite on warm slopes
Opuntia arborescens abn
Opuntia engelmani com
" [[Ditto for: Opuntia]] white spines abn.
" [[Ditto for: Opuntia]] lepticaulis, on s. slopes
" [[Ditto for: Opuntia]] bigger than lepticaulis
Cereus [[panciapinus?]]
" [[Ditto for: Cereus]]
Mamilaria heyderi ?
[[strikethrough]] Bumelia lanuginosa [[/strikethrough]] Sapindus emarginatus, com. in gulch
Telia trifoliata " " [[Dittos for: com. in gulch]]
Negundo accraphyllum, along Pico R.
Fallugia paradoxia
Atriplex canescens
Lysium "macrophylla"
Yucca baccata
" [[Ditto for: Yucca]] glauca
Mimosa biuncifera, com.
Guterrizia [[euthame?]]

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Artemisia tridentata "minor"?
Morus parvifolia? in gulch

Transcription Notes:
Checked species names, kept Vernon's spelling, anything I'm unsure of is in [[?]] -@siobhanleachman Telia trifoliata probably = Ptelea trifoliata

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