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[[underlined]] Santa Rosa [[/underlined]] New Mexico
[[underlined]] May 19 - 23 [[/underlined]] & 31
Oxyechus vocifera, com
Actitis macularia 2 by creek
Clypeata spatulata. 1 [[male symbol]], May 21
Ardea herodias 2 " " [[Dittos for: May 21]]
Numineus longirostris [[strikethrough]] Surber [[/strikethrough]] " [[Ditto for: May]] 24 & 30
Cathartes, com
Zenaidura " [[Ditto for: com]]
Buteo swainsoni 3 [[strikethrough]] 2 [[/strikethrough]]
" [[Ditto for: Buteo]] calurura 1
Falco sparverius a few
Zonotrichia leucophras, com.
Pipilo mesoleucos " [[Ditto for: com]]
Falco mexicanus out at Motts
nest on cliff.
Bubo pallescens nesting
[[Areautrautus melanoteucus?]] 2
Tyrannus vociferans ? com
" [[Ditto for: Tyrannus]]
Sayornis saya
3 nests, on cliff & in wall
Sayornis phoebe & nest
Contopus richardsoni, com
Empidonax " [[Ditto for: com]]
Otocoris occidentalis, breeding
Aphelocoma a few
Corvus sinuatus, a pair & nest

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Molothrus ater
Xanthocephalus 2. May 19. in town.
[[strikethrough]] Cyannop [[/strikethrough]]
Scolecophagus 1, May 20
Sturnella neglecta, com
 at Santa Rosa.
Oreospiza a few.
Pipilo [[vesoleucus?]] com
Chordeites  com
Carpodacus frontalis " [[Ditto from: com]]
Pucca cassini reported by Surber south of town
Astrogalinus  2
Passerina amoena 1 reported by Surber.
Habia melanocephala, 1 [[male symbol]] May 22
Amphispiza bilineata, a few.
Dendroica auduboni, a few.
Geothlypis tolmeyi com.
" [[Ditto for: Geothlypis]] trichas oc. a few.
Wilsonia pileolata com.
up to May 28.
Mimus pollyglottos, com
Salpinctes com.  breeding
4 nests.
Cathrpes  1
Baeolophus com.
Psaltriparus plumbeus com.
feeding young

Transcription Notes:
Checked species names, kept Vernon's spelling, anything I'm unsure of is in [[?]] (and there are a LOT on this page!) See notes below as we've managed to work out most but [[Areautrautus melanoteucus?]] -@siobhanleachman The wonderful @Roswilkes has suggested Aeronautes melanoleucus as a probable species for the [[Areautrautus melanoteucus?]] we are unsure of. As we are not quite sure exactly what Vernon wrote have left it in [[?]] though. -@siobhanleachman Clypeata spatulata - can't confirm species Zonotrichia leucophras=Zonotrichia leucophrys "Surber" could possibly be Thaddeus Serber? More info here