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Spizella arizonea 1
Icterus bullocki a pair
" [[Ditto for: Icterus]] perisorum " [[Ditto for:  a pair]]
Hylocycla a few seen
Troglodytes aztecusa few
Thoyomams  a few
Lanius excubitorides, several
Tachycineta thallassina, com
Petrochelidon  - nests, abn
Hirundo & nests, com
Passer domesticus, in town
Phaleonoptilus  heard
Dryobates [[symbol]] bairdi, breeding
Agelaius phoiniceus, June 2, com
Riparia riparia " [[Ditto for: June 2]] com
Aythya [[strikethrough]] affines [[/strikethrough]] collaris " [[Ditto for: June 2]] 2
Erismatura jaimucensis " [[Ditto for: June]] 1 [[female symbol]]
Querquedules discors " [[Ditto for: June 2]] 12
Clypeata spatula " [[Ditto for: June 2]] 50
Fulica " [[Ditto for: June 2]] 2
Podilymbus podiceps " [[Ditto for: June 2]] 1

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Santa Rosa, 4620
Camp  4750
[[underlined]] June 9. [[/underlined]]
Camp 9. A.M.

Lunch, 8 mi. 5000
top of ridge 5100
Cuervo 5000
Camp near Cuervo " [[Ditto for: 5000]]

Cave 20 miles

[[underlined]] June 10 [[/underlined]]
Rained. staid around camp
[[underlined]] June 11 [[/underlined]] " " " " [[Dittos for: Rained. staid around camp]]
Sent Surber to town.

Golden eagles, nest & birds
Bones under nest of jack rabbit,
Prairie dog
nest photographed with p.k.

[[underlined]] June 14 [[/underlined]] moved camp to Point of Plains.

[[underlined]] June 15. [[/underlined]]
Up Canyon & basin.

Transcription Notes:
Checked species names, kept Vernon's spelling, anything I'm not sure of is in [[?]]. -@siobhanleachman Hylocycla Vernon probably = Hylocichla Erismatura jaimucensis = Erismatura jamaicensis

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