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[[underlined]] July 8 [[/underlined]]
Left : Pueblo at 12.20 A.M.
[[underlined]] Wassenburg [[/underlind]], still dark

[[underlined]] La Veta Pass [[/underlined]] on station 9242
Aneroids 9300 & 10400
Pinus murryana
Populus tremuloides
Arctostaphylos uva ursa
big park, meadows, little stream, & sprigs
A beautiful place to camp.
Cynomys gunnisoni

[[underlined]] Lower down [[/underlined]] on warm slopes
Pinus ponderosa
Betula occidentala along stream
Atremisia tridentata

Juniperus - 8500 S.W.
Pinus monophylla " " [[Dittos for: 8500 S.W.]]
Cercocarpus " " [[Dittos for: 8500 S.W.]]
Populus angustifolia " " [[Dittos for: 8500 S.W.]]
[[underlined]] Garland [[/underlined]]  8300
Upper Sonoran plain

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[[strikethrough]] Lepus campestris [[/strikethrough]]
Opuntia   white spined
 Lepus campestris 4
 Cynomys gunnisoni
[[underlined]] Alamosa [[/underlined]] 6:15,  7900

[[underlined]] Antonito [[/underlined]]  8250

[[underlined]] Side of Ute [[/underlined]] Peak  8600
[[underlined]] Tres Piedras [[/underlined]]  (8500)
Corrected & set 0/29:85   (8088)

[[underlined]] Brink of [[/underlined]] Canyon 7100

[[underlined]] Toll House [[/underlined]]  6650
[[underlined]] Top of Mesa [[/underlined]]  7400

[[underlined]] Taos [[/underlined]] 7 P.M.  7100

[[underlined]] July [[/underlined]] 9. Out to Martinez

July 10 Sunday
Staid at Phillips' place
Went out to Pueblo to meet head men for talk.