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Fri Jan 5th.
Anna got me up early. Very cold and hard. I went in cars to station a foolish economy probably. Got 8 train and pretty good trip reading over and writing Miss Erskine's interview. Quite a work to do and could not finish. Nuisance.
Class not very large but pretty interesting.
Saw Trask and found out dates for Jury at last. and then came deaV H McCarter. Looking older and white but o how nice.
He is a jewel and an uplifter. H Thouron met too and a nervous moment How sad that there should be no pleasure in seeing him when he is such a dear andvalued friend. We went to a he hectic place to lunc but most fascinating by way of a florists.
I had to let him order and pay though it went against the gra[[in?]].
He enjoyed it so. We had a WONDERFUL time talked so fast and s[[o?]] long and so happily. Had so much to tell. Itvwas over too soon.
A Horrible cold day and we ran between the acts. I to N Y. in four train. and home in cars. Awfully cold. SO nice to get here and get into comf things and read mail etc.
Din here and the young poet I met the other night came and xspoke. Eve alone.
Sat [[strikethrough]] Dec [[/strikethrough]] ^[[Jan]] 6th.
Terribly cold day. Went out for only short time .. Did lots of writing.. Lunch here and expecting H and S who came at th[[ree?]] 3.. H not looking well and with a horrid cold but how wonderfu[[l?]] Mrs Gold .. called wanting to come but I put off We were just going it to 24 when Mrs Reynolds came .. Found Helena and Ro[[s?]] later D. and Phil came too. After advice went to Guffantis on 7th ave for Iour din and had gay time in com place but jolly. Then to Coronation moving pictures .. which they enjoyed much and I of course .. They to Irving Hotel next to 24
Phil called up from club at 2.30 and I had to get up in intense cold .. Fortunately not to go down. Child looked lovely in evening dress but evidently had not caroused.. Put him in little room.

Transcription Notes:
Have previously asked TC what to where typing goes off edge of page, they suggested putting best guess at missing letters in [[?]]

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