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beach. These were found between the Pavilion and the main bluffs - (By "main bluffs", I mean the begining of the high bluffs, which extend from about a mile south of the R.R. station nearly to Plum Pt.). I could not go under the main bluffs on account of high water. 
The specimens include a tooth which has the characteristic crenated crown of [[underlined]] Acrodelphis [[/underline]] [[insertion]] ^ [[circled in red]] (no. 1118) [[/circled in red]] [[/insertion]]. In the small bluff about 200 yds. south of the Water Edge Hotel, and about one ft. above the beach, I found the [[strikethrough]] beak [[/strikethrough]] [[insertion]] ^ mandible [[/insertion]] of a [[underline]] Platamsta [[/underline]] - like dolphin, [[insertion]] ^ [[circled in red]] (no. 1113) [[/circled in red]] embedded in the green marl.
[[left margin]] Argyrocetus? [[/left margin]] 
Dug it out, but it broke in several fragments; all pieces saved. The skull was doubtless there originally, but as it was embedded with the tip of the beak inward everything posterior to the base of the beak had been carried away by the erosion of the face of the bluff.
Expenses: Car fares 15 [[superscript]] cts [[/superscript]]; R.R. fare, $1.[[superscript]] 00 [[/superscript]]; lunch, 20 [[superscript]] cts [[/superscript]]

[[underlined]] April 20 & 21. 1906 [[/underlined]]

Being in Phila. at the Franklin Celebration, I went to the Acad. of Nat. Sciences and examined some of the types in that coll. I took along a number of specimens which I had provisionally identified with Copes' & Leidys' sps. to see if they were correctly determined. Conditions were unfavorable for work, as they were putting a new roof on the building & the halls were very dark. Mr. Stone, however, took a number of the types to the window for me & afterwards to his office, where I made comparisons & also corrected my sketches made in 1893 & added

Transcription Notes:
crenated = scalloped Acrodelphis see Previous projects TC has requested use of [[insertion]] et for insertions & [[circled]] has also been previously used. Platamsta searched on google & found mentions to do w. fresh water dolphins