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Over on the point to the North a cow got in the pool of water but the bull drove her out presently & is now sitting in it himself - He comes out quite wet.

A youngish bull has three cows right down at the water's edge - The old bull just above him attacked him and drove him into the water together with his other cows. The [[chind?]] cows the old bull took into [[strikethrough]] he [[/strikethrough]] his own harem. The young bull swam out a little + then [[swims?]] back in shore. He stopped another cow [[coming?]] down into the water but she escaped him.

(Station 14) Fam. no. 1, in the hollow, has now 16 cows + about 12 pups.
There is another bull with 2 cows on the rocky point
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which I could not see from the cairn.

There are seven bulls without cows, now at the hillside here. One cow is under the cliff which has the cairn on top

I saw some small family [[itrus?]] as I came along back to the house.

2 cows 2 pups
2  " [[ditto for cows]]   4  " [[ditto for pups]]
36 " [[ditto for cows]] 30 " [[ditto for pups]]
4  " [[ditto for cows]]  4  " [[ditto for pups]]
30 " [[ditto for cows]] 22 " [[ditto for pups]]