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Why not take a set of photos from there?)

There is a yellow grass area back of the rookery along here as wide as the rookery itself - Between the yellow grass & the harems is a bare - rock area equal or exceeding the other two in width - 

Another photo is taken from near Station 8 looking East & then down at Station no. 7 or rather about 50 ft West of the same. One bull with 1 cow & 1 pup in the foreground -
About 100 bachelors hauled out [[strikethrough]] betwe [[/strikethrough]] at the base of the hill, west of sta. no. 7.
There is a row of bulls 

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in the water along the front of the hill rookery & nearly every one of them has 2 or 3 cows.  Some are at least 50 ft. out.
I saw a bull copulating here [[underline]] in the water [[/underline]]. Later I saw a bull half in the water copulating with a cow whose hind half was also in the water and face parts on a rock in the wash -
Between times Townsend & I saw plainly a youngish bull copulate with a small cow [[underline]] in the water.[[/underline]]. They rolled about a good deal the cow underneath as usual & both cow & bull some times with heads under