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water. At times the cow floated at an angle with the bull, their hind part being still together. They kept up the process for several minutes & there could be no doubt that they were copulating. This .cow & bull came up on the rocks at the water's edge afterwards & the cow did not seem entirely satisfied. The water in which the pair were copulating was shallow, so that the bull if sitting on the bottom had his head above water. Nevertheless while engaged they appeared to be floating entirely. - The cow had her hind flippers turned up and the bull pressed the end

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of his fore flippers against them
Saw a bull & several pups on snow.
The cows seem to be largely in the water, there are large pods of pups without cows. 
The pups are playing in the water at the edge of the shore.
Saw one pup playing with a large piece of seaweed.

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I couldn't make out a few words, as marked by brackets. Pretty sure I'm managed to work them out. - SL