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{ x Diagnosis of a new genus and species of a fossil sea-lion from the Miocene of Oregon.
< Smithson. Miscell. Colls., Quart. Issue, 48, pt. 1, no. 1577, pp. 47 - 49.  May 13, 1905.
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A further account of fossil Sea-lion, [[underlined]] Pontoleon magnus [[/underlined]], from the Miocene of Oregon.

By Frederick W. True
Head Curator, Department of Biology,
US National Museum
In the [[underlined] Smithsonian Miscellaneous Collections (Quarterly Issue [[/underlined]]), [[overwritten]] for [[/over written]] No. [[strikethrough]] 1577 [[/strikethrough]], - , I published a diagnosis of a new genus and species of fossil sea-lion, based on a skull from Oregon. [[superscript]] x [[/superscript]]  As this article is brief and contains a summary of the circumstances under which the skull was found, as well as measurements, it is repeated  here in full.

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According to Wikipedia, he was curator of the U.S. National Museum from 1883-1909).