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The relation of [[underline]] Pontoleon [[/underline]] to other groups of mammals, and especially to the [[underline]] Basilosauridae [[/underline]] is a matter of much interest. [[insertion]] ^  The relationships of [[/insertion]] [[underline]] Basilosaurus [[/underline]] ( = [[underline]] Zeuglodon [[/underline]] Owen ), as well-known, form the subject of much controversy, and opinons regarding it vary widely. While I agree with those who regard it as possessing [[insertion]] ^ in a [[/insertion]] conspicuous [[insertion]] ^ manner many [[/insertion]] characteristics of the [[underline]] Otariidae [[/underline]], I do not share the view expressed by Mr. F. A. Lucas and others that it has nothing of the cetacean about it, nor do I think that the characters which some (including myself) regard as cetacean, can be explained away on the ground that they are [[insertion]] ^ merely [[/insertion]] adaptations for aquatic life. The weak, erect condyle of the mandible, the enormous ramus mandibuli, and internal mandibular vacuity are characteristic of all Cetacea; the very large pterygoid sinus is also characteristic of the Cetacea, and especially of the [[underline]] Zipliina─ô [[/underline]] , the modern representations of an old group of Cetacea; the scapula is not comparable with that of any mammalia except the cetacea; the exceedingly

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