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POSTAL CARDS, 1 cent each, go without further charge to all parts of the United States and Canada. Cards for foreign countries (within the Postal Union) 2 cents each. Postal Cards are unmailable with any writing or printing on the address side, except the direction, or with anything pasted upon or attached to them.

ALL LETTERS, to all parts of the United States and Canada, 2 cents for each ounce or fraction thereof.
LOCAL, OR "DROP" LETTERS, that is, for the city or town where deposited, 2 cents where the carrier system is adopted, and 1 cent where there is no carrier system.

FIRST CLASS.- Letters and all other written matter, whether sealed or unsealed and all other matter sealed, nailed, sewed, tied, or fastened in any manner so that it cannot be easily examined, 2 cents for each ounce or fraction thereof.

SECOND CLASS.- Only for publishers and news-agents; 1 cent per pound.

THIRD CLASS.- Printed matter, in [[italicized]]unsealed wrappers only (all matter inclosed in notched envelopes must pay letter rates), 1 cent for each 2 ounces or fraction thereof, which must be fully prepaid. This includes books, circulars, chromos, engravings, handbills, lithographs, magazines, music, newspapers, pamphlets, proof-sheets and manuscript accompanying the same, reproductions by the electric pen, hektograph, metallograph, papyrograph, and in short, and reproduction upon paper  by any process except handwriting and the copying press. Limit of weight 4 lbs., except for a single book, which may weigh more.

FOURTH CLASS.- All mailable matter, not included in the three preceding classes, which is so prepared for mailing as to be easily withdrawn from the wrapper and examined, 1 cent per ounce or fraction thereof. Limit of weight, 4 lbs. Full prepayment compulsory.

REFORWARDING.- Letters will be forwarded from one post office to another upon the written request of the person addressed, without additional postage charge; but unclaimed packages cannot be returned to the sender until stamps are furnished to pay the return postage.

PERMISSIBLE WRITING.- No writing is permitted on third or fourth class matter except as follows; The name and address of sender on the outside or inside of package, preceded by the word "from." On the wrapper may also be written the names and number of articles inclosed. The sender is further allowed to mark a word or passage in a book or paper to which he desires to call special attention. He may also write a simple inscription

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or dedication upon the cover or blank leaves of a book or pamphlet. There may be attached to articles of merchandise, by tag or label, a mark, number, name, or letter for purpose of identification. Printed circulars may contain the written name of the sender, or of the addressee, and the date. Any other writing on third or fourth class matter will subject the package to letter rates of postage, and render the sender liable to a fine of ten dollars for each offense. Printed matter may be inclosed with fourth class matter, but the whole package is subject to the rate of 1 cent per ounce or fraction thereof.

Upon payment of a fee of 3 cents each, Postal Notes for any amount under Five Dollars may be purchased at any Money-order Office, payable to bearer at any time within three calendar months from the last day of the month during which it was issued; but payable [[italicized]]only[[/italicized]] at such Money-order Office as the purchaser may select or at the office of issue.

For Orders not exceeding in $10 . . . . 8 cents.
Exceeding $10 and not exceeding $15 . 10 "
" [[Ditto for: Exceeding]] 15 " " " [[Dittos for: and not exceeding]] 30 . 15 " [[Ditto for: cents]]
" [[Ditto for: Exceeding]] 30 " " " [[Dittos for: and not exceeding]] 40 . 20 " [[Ditto for: cents]]
" [[Ditto for: Exceeding]] 40 " " " [[Dittos for: and not exceeding]] 50 . 25 " [[Ditto for: cents]]
" [[Ditto for: Exceeding]] 50 " " " [[Dittos for: and not exceeding]] 60 . 30 " [[Ditto for: cents]]
" [[Ditto for: Exceeding]] 60 " " " [[Dittos for: and not exceeding]] 70 . 35 " [[Ditto for: cents]]
" [[Ditto for: Exceeding]] 70 " " " [[Dittos for: and not exceeding]] 80 . 40 " [[Ditto for: cents]]
" [[Ditto for: Exceeding]] 80 " " " [[Dittos for: and not exceeding]] 100 . 45 " [[Ditto for: cents]]
When a larger sum than $100 is required, additional Orders to make it up must be obtained.

The rates for letters are for the half ounce or fraction thereof, and those for newspapers for 2 ounces or fraction there:-
To Great Britain and Ireland, France, Spain, all parts of Germany, including Austria, Denmark, Switzerland, Italy, Russia, Norway, Sweden, Turkey (European and Asiatic), Egypt, letters 5 cents, newspapers 1 cent for each 2 ounces or fraction thereof.
To Australia, letters via San Francisco (except to New South Wales), 5 cents; via Brindisi, 4 cents. China, letters via San Francisco, 5 cents; via Brindisi, 13 cents; 4 cents for each paper not weighing over 4 ounces. British India, Italian mail, letters 5 cents, newspapers 1 cent for 2 ounces. Japan, letters via San Francisco, 5 cents; newspapers 1 cent for 2 ounces.

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