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were mainly in the edge of the woods where they were protected from farmers,& [[insertion by arrow]] when the leaves were off. [[/insertion by arrow]] Nine ^ [[insertion]] of these outside [[/insertion]] nests were counted ^ [[insertion]] along the circuit [[/insertion]] in ^ [[insertion]] the [[/insertion]] [[strikethrough]] our [[/strikethrough]] woods  B the tree trunks w [[strikethrough]] [[w?]] [[/strikethrough]] deserted for the summer nests & one day in passg a ^ [[insertion]] large [[/insertion]] birch fr. a round hole high in the trunk a ^[[insertion]] mother gray [[/insertion]] squirrel's head looked out, as from the window of a lighthouse tower.
[[strikethrough]] A gray family [[/strikethrough]] Perhaps it was the same ^ [[insertion]] birch [[/insertion]] [[strikethrough]] tree [[/strikethrough]] that was blown over one night in a gale. for [[strikethrough]] ab [[/strikethrough]] a ^ [[insertion]] great [[/insertion]] tree went crashing to earth above the noise of the storm came the pitiful ^ [[insertion]] squirrel [[/insertion]] cries [[strikethrough]] of squ [[/strikethrough]] loud at first -  & gradually dying away [[strikethrough]] in the [[/strikethrough]] as if they were escaping from their fallen