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and registered for the day, what was left of it, and night. We had 3 meals there which were quite satisfactory except for Dick finding charcoal dust on one plate and 2 weevils in the Grape Nuts.
The hotel owned a cat - ordinary variety - by the name of Billy - as usual Dick played with it.
It took several day for us to get over the sea legs we had acquired, and in my case I believe it was more troublesome than the boat.
To go back to living quarters. Before noon we went back to the docks but for all Dick's wanting to, we didn't get to see them unload the motor. Maybe it is best, because he treats that newly added possession in a most paternal manner. It may be somewhat different after the novelty has worn off. At lunch time we got a little hungry so we started off in the direction of the hotel - and were lucky enough to get Adrian to drive us to 9 Norman Road - the place he had suggested. We went in and met Miss Irene Magnus who showed us what we were to get for our money (first price quoted was 5 guineas and 15 
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shillings - £6). Our room is a separate wing of the house about 17 x 14 not including a large bay window. We have 5 windows and 2 doors, one leading to the outside and one into a hall. Diagram below. Very poor idea but one which will serve to stimulate my memory. [[image - on left hand side of page a sketch of the floor plan of the room]]
Final price arrangement - £5. 10s a week.
July 4, 1935.
Today is July 4th and one would never know that such a thing as a fire cracker existed. However, I went to town and found most of the shops closed - the reason not being the 4th of July (what true son of Britain would ever celebrate that) - due to the fact that yesterday was the usual half day holiday, but the Queen of Bermuda was in port and the stores stayed open for the tourist trade. Then they took the holiday today. I went down to have my hair waved as we are going to a cocktail party tomorrow. The cost of setting and neck trim was 4 shillings. I took a taxi down and instead of telling him where I was going I merely gave street and number.