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He had a devil of a time finding the place and when he at last drew up in front of the place of business he said "Had you said you were going to Miss Workley's Beauty shop I would have taken you there at once, we never use street numbers - only business names." While in the beauty parlor, I heard a fellow customer remark that the B.O. of the Jamaica negro was 100% worse than that of the African Kafir - and I have heard that they could be smelled 1/2 miles away! As far as I'm concerned the above is an exaggeration. The only time I have noticed much odor is when one has been working hard and perspiring freely. In that same circumstance I myself have far from heavenly fragrance - especially so, as onions are quite a staple of food in these parts.
I took the street car home, the fare was 2d, for which one receives a punched ticket entitling one to a ride as far as the punch indicates. To get off the car one must catch the eye of the conductor, point to the corner, and he then pulls the bell card. The cars are open on both sides, short of body, and operated on a trolley. A speed

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of over 15 miles an hour causes such swaying and jumping of the car that the motorman is forced to slow down so as not to be thrown from the controls.

July 6, 1935.
Yesterday was at once a busy day and one composed of long waits.  It took a turn to the heat and this made work almost out of the question.  What is more the Misses Magnus were having a party in the afternoon which was given by Mr. Martin whom I believe is both consul of Haiti and Venezuela.  There were a great many people invited, and although we had been told that the party was to begin at 5:30 a great many of the guests began to arrive about 5 o'clock.  Dick and I watched the arrivals from our windows and we got many a laugh out of the comic Valentine effects of the ladies.  A great many of the fashions were a conglomerate mixture of gay 90's with a present day topping - just to make the effect more comic.  However, there were also a number of very nicely dressed ladies, and how they stood out in the crowd!