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VIII-24-35 Today started out very nice but it rapidly grew warmer until it was quite warm, about noon.  Jack and I were about to play tennis but the rain started early and kept up until evening.
When we got down stairs this evening we found a cocktail party in progress in the "card room"-we had some of the cocktails ourselves (something on the nature of a Bronx) and a few sandwiches.  Our party was made up of
Jack Ruane-of which some has already been written.  Blue eyes, dark hair, on the whole quite nice looking.  Quiet in speech, and one of a family of seven.  He works as an accountant at the Texaco Co's offices.  Smokes a pipe which is rather becoming to his type of face.
Mr. Haber of the Philco radio Co. Altho' he claims he rarely travels he has that travelling salesman manner, even down to the diamond ring on the little finger.  Furthermore his conversation belies his attempt

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to give one "the home office impression" because he mentions having been in various countries in some capacity or other and I don't think home offices send people around the country for the fun of it.  He spoke of being in Mexico City to which I responded little and was rewarded with a knowing look from Dick.  Already he has acquired the nickname of Philco.
Mrs. McCarthy who looks a great deal like Louise Pratt Johnson altho' an older woman.  She does her hair as Louise use to only she isn't as good about touching up the roots as Louise was.  Her eyes are almost the same color as Louie's.  She is a nice person to know-a little quieter than Louise altho' I imagine a great deal as Louie will be 12 or 15 years hence.
Mr. Barnes, Dick and I made up the rest of the party.  About us little more need be said-suffice necromancer Barnes did not have dinner with us as we had fried

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