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- "Sailor's sweetheart", says Dick - and one young american girl who was getting off was asked not to judge Trinidad by those girls. I believe the words were, "dont judge Trinidad by that."
I, having told Dick the night before, that I was going to let the arangements, for our place to stay, rest in his hands, was glad that I had done so, as I feel that things were done in better order and with less bother and stewing than ever before. There is an Information Bureau on the dock near the customs house, and Dick at once availed himself of the services offered. The lady in charge is most kind and accommodating. We had planned to go out to Green's in St Agustine, but we phoned first to see if it would be convenient. We were told that we couldnt come until Thursday morning. Later on Mrs Adamson told us that the only reason for the delay was that Mrs Green didn't think that she could get the room scrubbed and tidy in time. It happened that several other places in town were managed the same way, and as a result they didn't get our trade.

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One of the last places phoned was Miss Huggins' (sister of George Huggins,) on Abercromby St. The lady at the Information Bureau insisted we be given the best price possible which was $2.00 a day - daily rate per person. We were told to look at the Hall, on Chancery Lane, if we didnt like Cumberland House. Their rate was $3.00 a day. However, we liked Cumberland house from the first, so we stayed without even taking a look at the Hall.
The Customs house was in a state of repair, and as a result things were a little messy. Several times we escaped being hit with falling plaster. After a considerable wait we managed to get all our bags together, and the head customs inspector came over to look at them. I don't believe he opened a thing, altho' when Dick told him we had a radio he said we would have to leave it in the customs house unless we wanted to pay the necessary fees and duties in order to take it out. It would have been different had we had the radio over a year. As it was, it was going to cost too much & be [[strikethrough]] e [[/strikethrough]] too much of a