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bother, so we decided to leave it.
The head inspector whose name is Pouchette was very nice, and he offered to be of help when the motorcycle arives. We took our bags with us when we left, but the trunk remained in the Customs house until we decided where we wanted it sent.
No porters, except those of the recognized hotels, are allowed in the Custom's house. In this way thefts are prevented, and it keeps the traveller from being hounded to death.
After inspection we got into a taxi, & took our bags with us. First we went to Cumberland House and were shown a large corner room with windows on two sides. Next door is a nice tiled bathroom with running water, and a shower as well as a bath tub. The place was nice and tidy altho' a little paint would have very much improved the inside of the bed room. However, it is a decided improvement after Guadeloupe. Miss Maude Huggins is a nice little person very anxious to please, so without more ado I decided to take the room.

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At 11:30 they have what they call breakfast, and one can be served until 1 altho' it is best to get there early. What they call morning tea we would call breakfast. Many people have it served in their rooms while they are dressing but others - such as us - get up and have it downstairs. Tea is at 4 and dinner is at 7:30. All the meals are excellent, and for once we get enough green vegetables. Dick can have his cornflakes in the morning, and limeade with his meals. The meats are well cooked and the curry is excellent.
This same morning we went to town to do several errands. First of all to see the American Consul - Wallace E Moessner - who is also the consul for Switzerland. He was on his way out when we arrived, and he did not hesitate to inform us of the fact. Nevertheless, he went back to his office with us. I wouldn't say he was very cordial.
As I wanted to have a prescription filled we asked about good drug stores and were told that Ross's & [[Gouia's?]] where equally good. We walked up Frederick