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pretty blue eyes. I understood, from the conversation that she has two sons, altho' she hardly looks more than a child herself.
There are numerous signs near the bath houses advertising hot-dogs at 12 cents apiece, altho' we didn't see any.

[[double underlined]] Sunday, November 24, 1935 [[/underlined]]
For some reason or other we got up late this morning. Dick seems to require a large amount of sleep these days, and some mornings I am not so persistent in my efforts to awaken him. The rest of the morning was spent writing a few letters and reading.
I was somewhat surprized, and pleased to have Dick suggest that we go for a tram car ride. The first car we took was the one going up to St. Ann's. We got off at the end of the line and walked [[strikethrough]] up [[/strikethrough]] one or two blocks up a road called The Cascade. On one side of the road is a beautiful garden with some perfectly huge flamboyants as shade trees. (Poinsiana). It had the appearance of a well kept English manor house garden. We stopped for a while along the edge of a stream in which we saw numerous

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tadpoles and a few small fish. One of the most amusing events of the afternoon was the scene of a small boy laboriously trying to carry a fairly large white kid in his arms. The kid baahed and struggled furiously, causing the little fellow no end of trouble as the kid was almost as large as he. Finally he gained control of the situation by taking the kid in his arms, making it lie flat on its back, with its four feet sticking straight up in the air. The last we saw of the boy and the kid they were going up a narrow side trail and the kid was emitting a baa from time to time.
We came to town & transfered to a Belmont car. This time we did not get off, as the car merely goes thru' a mediocre residence district. I have neglected to say that the carfare is thrupence (3d) or five tickets for a shilling.

[[double underlined]] Monday, November 25, 1935 [[/underlined]]
I finished up some of my letters in the morning. Went to town in the afternoon. I took a dress & jacket to the cleaners & they will charge me $1.50 to do the cleaning.

Transcription Notes:
Poinsiana = Poinciana?