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[[underline]] Barbados [[/underline]]
February 26, 1936 - Ash Wednesday
We arrived here this morning aboard the SS "Nerissa". After breakfast we went ashore and found the customs house almost deserted - so we were served promptly. We didn't have to open our bags altho: we weren't passed thru as quickly as we have been on the other islands.
We asked Miss Hutchinson of the Tourist Bureau to help us find a place to stay. She gave us the names of 3 places. We hired a taxi to take us out so that we could look at them. The first place we asked to be taken was Markham but the driver seems not to have known where it was, as he took us to the Court (Aquatic Court?) across from the Aquatic Club. The place was rather nice altho' not filled, but her cheapest price was $2.50 a day. The rooms were newly painted, but small.
Next we managed to find Markham and it was a nice little cottage, but a small room again for $2.00 a day.
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