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[[margin]] 2 Barbados [[/margin]]
    We next went to Ferndale which was another place on our list, and the mistress was not home. Besides, the place looked [[frowsy?]] to me. We passed
but didn't stop as it was a huge collection of buildings - not the type of thing we like. Nor being well pleased with what we had seen we decided to go back to the Tourist Bureau + inquire further.
     Miss Hutchinson then suggested that she phone Highgate House + inquire if they would take us for $90 a month. The answer was that she would take us for $100 and she would send the car for us. As the pictures of the place had convinced us that is was nice, we accepted.
     When we arrived, with out 8 bags in a small car, Miss Mary Harford (niece of the owner) met us and told us that her aunt would be in soon. We only had to wait a few minutes. We were shown a nice large front room, near the bath and the toilet, (which are somewhat modern) and it pleased us, so we took it.
     The house is a nice place, on a hill, and commands a lovely view of the city and sea. It is like being in the 
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country, yet near enough to the city. It is far superior to any of the places we went to first. Some of the things I especially noted were ...... the silver pieces both flat and service ..... The Victorian elegance of the drawing room + dining room ...... the maids are called by their last names, as Simpson ...... the well and windmill in the garden ....... the Catholic [[strikethrough]] Sts [[strikethrough]] Saints + Crucifixes ........ the cleanliness + tidyness ..... the general atmosphere of unostentatious colonial wealth. All of these things make this seem like a place among places.
     My cough, which I got in St Vincent is still with me, and I firmly decided to to something about it. Both Dick and Miss Harford brought me some Scotts Emulsion to help me out.
     In the afternoon I took a nap, and we had tea upstairs here at 4:30 or 5. It was somewhat of a rainy afternoon.
Our meals are later that we have been accustomed to - breakfast at 8 to 8:30 lunch 1 to 1:30, tea 4:30 or 5 and dinner at 8.
     We also met Miss Harford's niece Barbara Lang (of Grenada) and Mr Harford, Miss Mary's brother.
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