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[[margin]] 4 Barbados [[/margin]]
[[underline]] Thursday February 27, 1936 [[/underline]]
     After breakfast I walked to the gate with Dick. The cough is still with me. On the way back I stopped at the tennis court - lawn - and sat down for a while in the sun. It made me feel so very much better.
     When I got back Barbara was on the porch so I sat down & we had a good chat. She reminds me a lot of Dorothy Monahan Ellsworth. I like her. She is quite different from Mary and I can see little under currents of disagreement between the two.  Mary is quit efficient and seems to help her aunt a lot. She is nice, but I haven't had a chance to know her very well.
While Barbara & I were on the porch, Dick came home with a lot of mail. It was then almost 12 o'clock. We came upstairs and read what we had. There were magazines and some letters from our families. Dick had been to see Mr Jester who was seeing about getting us memberships to the Aquatic Club and the Yacht Club.
In the afternoon Barbara + I went to the Aquatic Club to swim. I found that our name had been entered on the membership list so there was no difficulty. There was a 
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tourist boat in today of the Hamburg America Line and the place was crowded with Americans. The club seems to be restricted to white people and for that reason hardly seems like a West Indian bathing beach. The bathing cubicles are clean and the beach is nice. The sand slopes so gradually into the sea that one can walk out 100 yds or more without being beyond one's depth. I intend to go often & perhaps I shall gain more confidence in my swimming. Barbara is an excellent swimmer & knows a great many strokes - which she is going to teach me.
     To get to the Aquatic Club we walked down to Britton's Crossroad and got a bus there. At Trafalgar square we changed buses and got on the St Lawrence one which goes within a short block of the club. The fare is 1 1/2d or 4 tickets for 6d. We took the Britton's bus home too.
     The sea bathing helped my cough a little. Before I went to bed I put a few drops of Vicks in a pitcher of hot water and inhaled the vapor. It seemed to help clear out my bronchial tubes.
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