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[[underlined]] Friday February 28, 1936 [[/underlined]]
We ^[[insertion]] Barbara & I [[/insertion]] went to the club this morning after breakfast. First I stopped at the Mayfair Beauty Salon & asked about having a permanent done. They will charge $5.00 and it is supposed to be a good wave. Mr Jones, a Canadian, runs the place.
Then we went into the lending library and inquired about their subscriptions. The fee is 5/deposit & 2/subscription a month. I will pay for it tomorrow.
This morning there weren't many people on the beach. There were some elderly men & women and it was quite amusing to watch the old fellows try to get their timid wives into the sea. After a good bathe we came home.
I went to the American Consulate to get some more mail which had arrived for us. The Consulate is on MacGregor street and it is even larger and businesslike than the one in Haiti.
We were lucky in being able to take the Sargent Village bus down and back. This bus stops at the estate g[[overwrites l]]ate and so we dont have to walk very far. This bus does not take tickets but the fare is the same.
In the afternoon I did a little unpacking

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and tidying up. I was going to write some letters to get in the mail tomorrow, as Wilfred had sent me some stamps a long time ago. However, I got to reading, then Dick came home early, and I didnt get more than a letter started to the family.
The evening was uneventful.

[[underlined]] Saturday February 29, 1936 [[/underlined]]
I had understood that whenever possible, we could go to town with Miss Harford in her car. However when I asked her this morning she put me off in rather an abrupt manner. We all have our worries and I was to find out later that she had hers this morning. I didn't have to go to town after all, as Dick got my letters in the mail for me.
Soon after lunch Barbara & I left to go swimming. We walked part of the way down and then a Sargent Village bus came along. We swam and then had tea on the pavilion. After tea we went to the movie & saw Al Jolson & Ruby Keeler in "Casino de Paris". It was pretty good. We got home in good time.
We spent a quiet evening listening to the radio.