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[[margin]] Barbados [[/margin]]
[[strikethrough]] Saturday [[/strikethrough]]
[[underlined]] Sunday March 1, 1936 [[/underlined]]
It is the first of a new month, but I find it little different from any other day.
I get a lot of fun out of watching the birds come to the fountain in the garden to drink. There are many kinds and I know the names of very few of them. There are blackbirds, doves, swallows, what looks like a finch, and a little round wren-like bird. The blackbirds are the most persistent bathers. As I write there are 3 of them giving themselves a good splashing.
     I went downstairs and had a talk with Mr Harford. He says French is much harder to learn than English. He also puts Debussy & Bach in the same school of music!
We have two new paying guests - a Rector & his wife from St. Kitts - I haven't caught their name yet. He is quite interested in clocks and repairing them, so very likely we shall manage to get some of the clocks in this house running. There are 2 or 3 clocks in most of the living rooms but none of them go.
At tea Miss Harford told us about the trouble she has been having with a renter of hers. The case reminded me of the Watsons in Mexico. Of course we

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only heard her side of the story.
Dick & I were so busy listening to a play that we missed the dinner gong, but the maid came up for us. After dinner I tried my hand at a game like billiards - not played with balls, but with pieces resembling pucks - but I got a little bored with it.
We didnt get to hear much of Major Bowes. We went to bed fairly late.

[[underlined]] Monday March 2, 1936 [[/underlined]]
Got my journal up to date. Dick went out, but came back soon because the motor wasn't working any too well. He spent part of the morning doing repairs.
I began the book I got at the library
"Freedom, Farewell!" by Phyllis Bentley Victor Gollancz Ldt 1936.
I also played the piano a little. Perhaps I shouldn't even use the 3rd word, as I find that after a year or so I've grown too rusty to get much pleasure out of it. It would be different if I had a piano always at hand & could play without bothering other people.
I have eaten my first Barbados flying fish - fried - and what a treat