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[[preprinted]] 10 [[/preprinted]]

[[margin]] Barbados [[/margin]]

that is! We are lucky to get tomatoes & other vegetables. Last night the roast beef was delicious. We cant complain of the food.

[[underlined]] Tuesday, March 3, 1936 [[/underlined]]
Mr & Mrs Shilstone called on us yesterday afternoon. There are both very nice. She is a pretty blue-eyed blond. They have been around in the U.S and it certainly is a relief to speak to people who speak the same language(!)
This morning Dick collected around here and I wrote some letters. I read most of the afternoon as I wasn't feeling any too well.

[[underlined]] Wednesday March 4, 1936 [[/underlined]]
I seem to be deteriorating into a do nothing.

[[underlined]] Thursday, March 5, 1936 [[/underlined]]
This morning I went down to the Aquatic with Barbara. I didnt go swimming, but I sat on the beach. There were an awful lot of Americans there.
I got a new book "I, Claudius" by Robert Graves. - Arthur Barker 1934. I only gave it a try in Grenada. Tiberius Claudius' grandfather fought for Julius Caesar B.C. 45 or thereabouts. This Claudius was born B C 10

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and murdered & deified A.D. 54
We got some mail to-day with ½ the amount of money requested by Dick. Which is o.k. We spend most of the afternoon making plans & talking.
The Sheppeards left this evening.

[[underlined]] Friday, March 6, 1936 [[/underlined]]
Dick & I had breakfast at 7 this morning as he was going out with Tucker, and I was going down to have a permanent wave. I got down to the Mayfair Beauty Salon at 9 and I was on the bus coming home at 12. Barbara and I were the only ones to [[strikethrough]]
 dinner [[/strikethrough]] lunch.

[[underlined]] Saturday March 7 1936 [[underlined]]
Mr Tucker came by for us about 9 and we began our day of outing. First we went to Bulkley where Mr Carrington showed us around. It is the largest sugar factory in the island. It was interesting, but it took quite a while. With us were a Mr & Mrs Evans(?) and Mrs Delagente (wife of the Mgr. of the Marine Hotel).
     After the factory we went to the Agriculture buildings and were shown the process of growing a parasite which feeds on the moth borer - one of the