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[[margin]] Barbados [[/margin]]

worst pests of the sugar cane. This latter was more interesting to me than the factory.
Then we went to Mr Tucker's home and had egg noggs and crackers. Mrs Tucker is quite an attractive woman.
In the afternoon Dick & I worked on stamps a little - it was fun to do that again.

[[underlined]] Sunday, March 8, 1936 [[/underlined]]
Dick had a number of letters ready for me to type so that is how I spent the morning. We spent a great deal of time discussing the letter to Wetmore.
In the afternoon Mr & Mrs Shilstone & their cairn Luke came to take us to see the place where he has found the kitchen midden. I brought home a few small pieces of jaw bones etc. Dick did a little collecting on the beach.

[[underlined]] Monday March 9, 1936 [[/underlined]]
I went down to the Aquatic to swim, in the morning. The water was fine and I enjoyed it thoroughly.
The afternoon was spent reading and writing a few letters.
There are a few things in some of my recently received letters which I should like to note so that I wont

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forget them.
Mother has met many of her old friends in Manila & thereabouts - Mrs Kennedy, Mr & Mrs Curtis, the Neals & Della. As she mentions other I'll put them down.
     Jack Upton's birthday is January 30th
     Lois was 22 on Dec 18, 1935
     Jack U. is (Feb 1936) Resident in obstetrics at the county hospital.
     Martin Bancroft is on teaching staff at Stanford.
     Born to Ruth & George Nichol, Sept 1935 a son, George Geofrey Nichol.
     Arnold Manar is going to specialize in obstetrics.
     Clara Packard (Feb 1936) is going to Dominican taking social service work.
     Ruth Ulfelder married an Italian by the name of Giovanni Covo.
     Louie operated on before Christmas (1935) for thyroid.

[[underlined]] Tuesday March 10, 1936 [[/underlined]]
I stayed at home this morning as there were a number of things I wanted to do. I didnt get so very many done.
In the afternoon Dick acquired a