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many north country people, is very friendly. She was a nurse, and for a while was matron in the hospital in St Kitts. Because she is English she dares to think and do many things which West Indians think beneath their dignity. We had a delightful time and I hope to call again before we leave.
The first few days after we arrived H M.S York was in the harbor, and there were several entertainments in town for the officers and men. They also had a dinner on board ship. Miss Gillie told us that it was just such a cruise as this that she meet Beatty - then ensign- later admiral. In the old days they used to do more entertaining than they do now, and I suppose that is because they had fewer other amusements. 
As it is even now, there are few amusements in Montserrat. There are no movies, no clubs except the Union, which is not a sports club, and even the bathing is poor. 
On Saturday before we left I went out on the motor with Dick. We went to a place where he had collected before, and we set to work. I suppose the fact that there have been so many scientists, rushing 
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around over the island, has made the people apprehensive of any extraordinary activity, for our collecting was fairly well watched. One man on a donkey had been watching us most intently for about 15 minutes. Finally his curiosity mingled with fear, got the better of him, and with rolling eyes, and slightly unsteady voice, he quavered, "Is it anything serious sir?". It was with difficulty that I restrained my laughter, and Dick answered him so curtly that the poor fellow left in haste, with many appologies. To be asked if it is anything serious, when one is busy collecting a lot of dung -- well, I still think it is funny. 
During our last week we had two new guests. Mr Crawford, who sells insurance, from Barbados, and Mr. Wigley who is a Chief Justice. Mr. Wigley left of the same boat as we, and I believe he is going to St Kitts. 
The Hotel is owned by a Miss Ada Pencham who is a nurse in New York. She has some family in Montserrat and she bought this big place for when she retires. I dont believe she liked her bargain after she got it, as it wasn't long before she went back to
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