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Antigua #4 

Mrs Mason very kindly asked us to come in and have tea, even tho' we couldn't see the room at once as the gentleman who had it was going out on the lady boat. The tea was most welcome as we were beginning to feel tired and discouraged. After tea we looked at the room & found it ever so nice, and with little ado we decided to stay. 
Mrs Mason's house is one of the tidiest I have seen in the West Indies, and one can see that she knows the value of a fresh coat of paint once in a while. She has an extra lot at the side of the house which is all in lawn & garden. She has a Persian cat named Sonny and a lovely blue & gold macaw called Jikes. 

[[margin]] Tues July 28 [[/margin]]
We were awake early this morning as we are not used to a room with morning sun, and the early sun of 6:30 in the morning woke us both up. As we dont have breakfast until 8 it seemed quite a long while. 
Dick & I were both feeling very tired so we took the day easy. I did a little unpacking -- hardly any -- and Dick did cataloging most of the day. I believe he didnt even go down to see about the motor. 

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[[margin]] Wed. July 29 [[/margin]]
I am still feeling very tired. I did a little more unpacking and getting things straightened out. Dick went down and unpacked the motor. 
In the afternoon I was going to to the club with Addie -- Adrienne Rey -- Mrs Mason's niece, but the medicine I took for side pain left me so washed up that I was too tired to do anything. I had quite a long sleep in the afternoon before tea. Later in the afternoon Dick & I went for a walk up to the pasture at the head of town. 
Up there they have 2 big ponds of water lilies, and one of them is quite a beautiful sight as the lilies are a bright pink color. We also walked thru' the Botanical Gardens which are rather nice, but not as well kept as the ones in some of the other islands. 
Miss Mason's sister, Miss Juliet Rey, has been an invalid for 8 years with arthritis. It has crippled her very badly, and gives her an expression of stupidity, but she is anything but that. I have already had some very interesting talks with her, and she has told me

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