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Monday, January 18, 1937
Spent most of the morning packing and weighing what we had packed.  This is the first time we have had to pay any attention to weight and it is proving a little difficult. No matter what we do, we will have to pay excess baggage on the plane as we are only allowed 20 kilos (44lbs each free)- and this, because we have tickets to Miami. Were we going only as far as Kingston it would be 15 kilos (33 lbs)
In the afternoon we took some things to the P.O. to mail. We started out just after a shower and were - at least I was - a little apprehensive lest we be caught in another.  We couldnt agree on which direction the street cars were running so [[strikethrough]]we[[/strikethrough]] Dick gave up & [[insertion]]^we [[/insertion]] took a bus.  This was hard on him, as he had 2 heavy alcohol tanks to carry. When we got to the P.O. we found we couldnt send one of the tanks as it was too heavy so we had to take it to the Horn Line & send it by freight.