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After Dec. -
U.S.S. [[strikethrough]] Edisto [[/strikethrough]] Staten
A.G.B. - [[strikethrough]] 2 [[/strikethrough]] 5 
Fleet P.O. [[strikethrough]] N.Y. [[/strikethrough]] San Franc
[[margin, written vertically]] [[underlined]] Shults [[/underlined]] [[/margin]]
[[line across page]]

191 Fendalton
[[line across page]]

Mr. ^[[insertion]] [[circled]] Harald [[/circled]] [[/insertion]] Georgeson
MLC Building
Cor. Hereford & Manchester
[[margin, written vertically]] [[underlined]] Roy G. Shults Capt U.S. Chief of Staff [[/underlined]] [[/margin]]
[[line across page]]

Jellicoe Hall
71 Gloucester St.
[[line across page]]

^[[insertion]] Dr. B. [[/insertion]] Stonehouse Home 70 : 821
Univ. [[strikethrough]] 66-819 [[/strikethrough]] [[insertion]] 65-819 [[/insertion]] XT 895

[[end page]]
[[start page]]

Box 12
[[insertion, with arrow]] This book ends with Jan 4 & is 1 of 5 - [[outlined]] 1963 [[/outlined]]
[[wavy line across page]]

^ NAVY 20
[[insertion, circled]] 
=[[Pole?]] Stu.=
Lt. Pacheco
=Chile= [[/insertion, circled]]
[[wavy line across page]]

Lo These are parts of his ways, but how little a portion is heard of him.
[[margin, written vertically]] [[underlined]] whence quoted in Bible [[/underlined]] [[/margin]]
[[line across page]]

Eddie Goodale
[[strikethrough]] 37-219 3[[1?]]-719 [[/strikethrough]]
[[circled, on left side of entry]] Office 33-059 XT 807 [[/circled]]
[[insertion, on right side of entry, in box outline]] office 1st 31-729 [[/insertion]]
[[line joining above circle and box]]
Home = [[underlined]] 33-268
191 Fendaltin Road

Transcription Notes:
Fendalton Road, Christchurch, New Zealand.

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