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The Honolulu experience of getting urinal bag and tube
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see preceding page re [[?]] nite meyer drugs

26th got away  fm Canton Id ^[[insertion, with line to text]] at 3 30 p.m [[/insertion]] 7 1/2 hr run expect to get here at 10 30
was actually tomorrow (on time [[nz?]])
What a box lunch, bun, 2 [[sandwich?]] 4 triangles 2 [[ham?]] 2 baloney & kraft Amer. cheese

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3 pcs fried chicken that I saved till last thinking they were Brownies. had little bag of peanuts & a candy bar, & can of fruit juice 
The above & [[?]] etc bun I ate at 9 with fruit juice & cup of coffee & one of water. 
The sandwiches & 3 cups coffee & 2-3 of water I at at 6 p.m. Plane was frightfully hot took off Tie as did everybody else who had one on. Most were asleep, looked like

Transcription Notes:
I hope his writing improves when he gets off the plane!