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bunch of 9th street rum handlers and bums.
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28 [[8 overwrites 7]]th The Dominium Hotel is very Victorian ceiling light switches are in or on ceiling with long cord hanging down like bell cord switch is not in socket of light as at home, but some distance away. The one in W.C. compartment hangs down beside door and gets in way of closing door
No closets only wardrobes
stairs have strip of carpeting down middle a bit worn over stair edges. Halls have carpet practically wall to wall but not quite, rooms 
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28th Nov [[underlined]] Local time [[/underlined]]
Left Nandi 6.08
[[with curved arrow, indicating text should be inserted above]] Arr. 4 00 local tm [[/arrow]]  [[double underlined]] 4.00 [[/double underlined]] [[insertion]] 30 [[/insertion]]
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Nandi which was just a few sheet iron sheds in 57 now is an elaborate air port with shower booths and all
Bought Pitcairn Is Stamps
Arr. Christchurch 2:30 p.m?
(sometime after 2.)
Had to fill out three diff papers, name birth date and all the rest. Customs did not open corded box at my request. We told them it was going straight through to McMurdo