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[[floorings?]] are wall to wall in rooms. Furniture is all like that we discarded when I was 14 or 15yrs old, if not before.
24{Scott 24 to Travis, spent nite and next
  {day, till 3:30p.m
  {[[strikethrough]] Slept at Travis [[/strikethrough]]
25 Over nite on plane arr Hickham Field 11 30 a.m.
[[circled]] 26 [[/circled]] Slept there LV.
to Canton Id slept on plane
[[circled]] 27 [[/circled]] to Nandi
[[circled]] 28 [[/circled]] Arr. Christchurch went to Bot Garden bet 4 30 & 5 30
dinner at 6±

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[[right margin, boxed]] All local time [[/right margin]]
Checked in at Wash Andrews A.F.B. at 10 a.m.
left at noon
[[line across page]]

Arr. Scott AFB              } 3:30 p.m
LV ""[[dittos for: Scott AFB} 5:00 p.m.
[[circled]] 24th [[/circled]] 1 1/2 hr stop
[[line across page]]

Arr. Travis [[circled]] 9:30 [[/circled]]}[[circled]] 24 [[/circled]] 9:30 pm
Leave Travis [[arrow to right]] } [[circled]] 25 [[/circled]] 3:30 p.m Slept.
[[line across page]]

Arr. Hickham Field } over nite hrs 11:30 am
[[circled]] 26 [[/circled]] [[strikethrough]] 11:30 [[/strikethrough]] p.m.
LV [[arrow to right]] } 3:30 pm Slept
[[line across page]]

Arr. Canton Id } [[circled]] 26 [[/circled]]
LV ""[[dittos for: Canton Id]]} 10:30 p.m.
[[line across page]]

Arr. Nandi (Fiji)  4.00 a.m
LV Nandi "[[ditto for: Fiji]] 6.00 am (08
[[circled]] 27 [[/circled]]
[[line across page]]

Arr Christchurch [["?]] 28th 2 00p.m
to Hotel about 4 30
Met Sommerson who was at Gainsbourgh on street also Hoffman.
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