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Man who runs sonar (or one [[strike through]])[[/strike through]] of them) asked me if I had a book on fish sounds. Wish I had. Navy should have such things about. Also text of oceanog. so boys would know where their taking of bathythermograph readings "heads-in". All the get how to operate instruments, but ultimate use, or usefulness of operations or of data seems never to imparted to them.
[[insertion, circled]] Groove in msp handles to be 1/4 inch deep 9/16 wide. [[/insertion, circled]]

Poblette rigged fish lines, hooks and leaders, floats of tin cans and [[insertion]] red [[/insertion]] painted wooden blocks and buoy lines. Wts for [[underlined]] for traps. [[/underlined]] A busy helpful and resourceful man.
Had his men paint cans blue and number them for bottom samples.
[[double line]]
[[underlined]] Speckled tern look up in Museum [[/underlined]]
[[in orange]] [[boxed text]] Income tax deduct 2.00 a day [[/boxed text]]
Jan 5-31, Feb 1-28; Mar 1- [[/orange]] 
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[[margin, orange 'doodle]] 14 in vulpo
Encyclopedia of Knots and Fancy Rope Work by Raoul Graumont and John H. Hensel; Cornell Maritime Press (4th edit) 1952, Cambridge, Md.
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!!November: Atlantic [[insertion]] 1962- [[/insertion]] 105 Anniv. Issue p. 70, [[insertion]] Arnold Tonynbee [[/insertion]] "The Mayan Mystery grew enough in 3 mos to work in temples other 9] was it hard won. 
[[right margin, vertical line]] Tikal p. 71 says "hard won surplus"!! [[/margin]]
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Photographic Office - Commander - U.S. Naval Support Force - Antartica - Room 2020, Bldg "D" 6th and Independence Av. S.W., Wash 25, D.C. OX-6-7164 or OX 6-7146 Code 11 and XT 6-7146.

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[[underlined]] To get: [[/underlined]] Chart 6639 H.O
Climatology of McMurdo Sound 
U.S. Navy Weather Research Facility
Building R48, U.S. Naval Air Station
Norfolk 1l, Va. N.W.R.F 16-1261-052, Dec. 1961
[[double line]]

[[top right corner]] 
Waldo L. Schmitt
U.S. National Museum
Washington 25, D.C.
[[checkerboard drawing]] His Book [[/drawing]] [[/top right corner]]

Technical Rept. 
Seasonal Oceanographic Studies in McMurdo Sound, 
Antarctica. Willis [[insertion]] L. [[/insertion]] Tressler 11 August 1962; $1.20
T.R. - 125, U.S. Navy Hydrographic Office, Washington D.C.
[[double line]]

H.O Publ. No. 705
Oceanog. Atlas of the Polar Seas
Pt. I, Antarctica, 1957 (reprinted 1958)
U.S. Navy Hydrographic [[underlined]] Office, Wash. D.C. $2.50 [[/underlined]]
[[double line]]

Naval Research [Reviews] [[underlined]] Supt. Doc. $1.50 per yr. [[/underlined]]
[[double line]] 

"Alert" No. 2. "Freedom and you" 
[[boxed text]] Dept of Defence [[/boxed]]
"Facts for the armed forces"
Armed Forces Information (booklet with film) FFIF 120)
Fault should have definition of [[underlined] proleteriat [[/underlined]]
and any others? ? [[underlined]] Not in dictionary printed before 19 [[/underlined]]

H.O. 130 old superseded edit. has key to birds

[[boxed text]] Guillermo Mann Fischer
Jorge Alvina Walker - [[underlined]] Walterio Looser
Revista Marina No 137, Marzo Abril 1947 p.p. 201-217
[[insertion, boxed text]]
150 ways to play solitaire
Alphonse Moyse Jr. U.S. Play Card Co [[/boxed text]]

[[boxed text]] Electronics man 
Rogers wants talk to Berg 
[[line across box]]
Frisbie writer who married and settled dawn in Tuamotus| Book true and realistic descriptions of Polynesian sea farm life [[/boxed text]]

[[underlined] Early wants Sci Amer. article [[/underlined]]
Burk has standing etc. Gave off hand erroneous statemen about air
field at Hope Id mention with "authority and conviction that [[strikethrough]] That [[/strikethrough]] [[insertion, circled]] it [[/insertion]] was a mile longer or mile and some dis
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Handbooks of fauna [[three horizontal lines]] || DSIR [[double underlined]] 2  recent hand books [[/double underlined]]

[[left margin, written vertically, bottom to top]] 
(Hexamethylenamine- tetramine)
"Hexamine" = Hexamethylenamine N.F. (C6H12F4) F.W. 138.194
[[/left margin]]
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