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[[Circled]] Dec. 24 [[/circled]] 1962   Weddell 
1200 70[[degree symbol]] 26 7'S  174 [[degree symbol]] 40E   3 seals
1230 70 26. 7S  174 40 E   2 seals
1430   1 seal
0115   4 seal
[[circled]] Dec. 25 [[/circled]]
0115  68 16   178 52    4 seals
[[line across page]]
[[circled]] Jan. 7, 1963 [[/circled]]
1430  50 36S  173 44W   6-10 penguins
1522  50 40   173 40W.  6-10 whales
                        1 whale
[[circled]] Jan 12 [[/circled]]
1910  68 [[degree symbol]] 10'S  120[[degree symbol]] 50W.   2 penguins
2005  68 06.1  120 04W   2 Adelies
2054  68 03    119 40  c 1 Emperor peng.
1300  67 14S   113 50W   1 Weddell Sea
1555  67 46    114 07    1 seal
[[circled]] 13 Jan [[/circled]]
2200  66[[degree symbol]] 50S   110[[degree symbol]] 20'W.   1 seal
0835  66 10 3  110 10.3   1 seal
0850  66 10 13S  110 10.3W   3 seals
[[circled]] 14 Jan [[/circled]]
1615  67 26S   107 20W    1 killer
1430  67 26   93 37W    1 seal
0210  67 26   93 37    3 penguins
[[circled]] Jan 16 [[/circled]]
1537  69 10   59 30W    1 Emperor peng.
[[circled]] Jan 17 [[/circled]]
0755  66 57.5S   72 37.8    1 seal
1042  67 00    71 35    1 seal
[[circled]] 18 Jan [[/circled]]
11 11  67 00S   71 35W.    1 leopard seal
11 12  """""[[dittos for: 67 00S 71 35W]]
[[circled]]27 Jan [[/circled]] 
1640  65 04S   63 52W. [[arrow pointing to right]] {5 seals
                                                   {12 penguins
                                                   {3 whales
2300 [[line across page]] 2 penguins
28 Jan 1411     1 ([[Lt j4 Beam)?]]

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apart during day. Most of yesterday I spent in the public Library here checking up on Antarctic animal & biology literature. I want to go back at least another day to check over some of the reports of earlier expeditions.I had intended doing this at home and would have done so except for that darn moving. I hate to think of what I have awaiting me back at Museum.
Too bad that mail is going to be so little and far between. Now take this one. If I send it home Thelma will have to forward it, but at that it will just about reach you when you get to California. ///There is nothing much else to write a-bout. Here at this hotel the meat is mutton most all the time but they do have a fish course and now and then pork and chicken, of course eggs for breakfast almost smothered in bacon strips, not crisp fried either. I try to have them bring me only one strip, but they seem incapable of doing it, or just won't from force of habit.// The hot tea at 7 a.m served in room is not so bad - in a fairly cold room. However the water runs hot and that's a comfort.
Maybe at Eddie's place over the week end I'l have a table to write on. Next week if we still are here I shall try to get in a little collecting. I'd hate to be here a couple of weeks and not have a New Zealand crab for the Museum collection, but nothing is handy, and the few "tools" I brought are so tied up in warehouse at airport that I can't well get at them. They are also too well packed to undo for fooling around here. /// Also I am afraid I'll have to let Christmas buying go over. the sending is the chief problem after trying to think of what to buy. I do hope you are keeping "weller," getting over that too worried spell. It will be nice to see Barb and the kids again. Lots of love girl first to you and then the rest - from the old man - Waldo

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I am hoping that I transcribed the first page correctly concerning the degrees symbol. Any feedback would be appreciated. *I've seen comments both ways, so go for consistency on page. --Many of the marks on the first page previously interpreted as ditto marks are instead bleed through or rubbed off from text on other pages, and have accordingly been removed.