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Either but shook his tail defiantly in my face. it looked like the tail of a fat turtle. The axis deer were the only animals ( & they are spotted beauties) in the building containing the two rows of stalls. I said the only animal I meant the only in captivity. there were plenty of little mice about. The Hippopotamus's looked warm & as if they had just rec'ed a coat of stove polish. There were signs about these animals that I did not see on the cages in Lion house - They read "Dont climb on the railings" A leopard had two wooden balls in cage. They were his playthings as he wasn't allowed to play with children. Lazy Alligators were basking in the sun. I thought it time to visit our old friends the mokeys. One of them said he had heard that I was in town & expected me in. Asked me how you were - told him you were taking care of our little one- He wanted to know what kind of a  monkey it was - told him it was like me in every thing but looks. Well he said then it doesn't look like a Monkey - just then then the rum faced keeper rushed in & asked what
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