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NEW YORK,...189 [[/preprinted]]

the excitement was - we explained. He said I had no business to insult any one - We then fed the dear little one on apples & onions. I was now mad & hungry. after seeing birds I made lunch of [[underlined]] a little neck clam [[/underlined]] stew at the restaurant near by - while trying to enjoy these little bivalves my mind naturely turned to the Darwins & I thought how much more nature favored the ape than the man. How much? Why have they not legs as we - armes & hands as we - Yes & more they have a tail that can accomplish as much as the arms & legs of some of us. Had nature added to these Wings I think the monk would be the most perfect of creatures. Is he not as intellegent as some of us? As I was soliliquising thusly the waiter [[strikethrough]] tapped [[/strikethrough]] whom I took to be a frenchman asked me in german if I were a certain duchman - I answered - Nein - & he charged me 20 cents - Dear Sadie- the supply of paper is giving out & as it is 10-30 & I must get lunch & go to museum I will stop & tell you about my trip to Coney Is. in the P.M. will in the mean time send you a tin-tipe of myself & write you in my next why I had it taken = I you care to write me have letter addressed = J. H. c/o A. Schuessler 77 Elliott St. If you should write my name in full it might be sent back to you = let me know when train leaves N.H. that gets me to Madison in time to go up - with F.Norton. I expect to leave here tomorrow -
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