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& swishing about him - perfect in build & all so fresh and clean and glowing.
I would love [[strikethrough]] too [[/strikethrough]] - to go up and say hello to Dogtown too - I really must do all that again & with you.
Bangor here is one of the most engaging towns I ever came across - it is  fairly reeking with magnificent history - where it runs all the way down to the sea.  Over 30 miles were formed with this & from nearby and the lumber jacks were swarming the place & when they came out of the woods in the spring - the whores were swarming the place to get their gold out of them -
It is extremely handsome as a city - simply buried in huge overhanging elms - and this street Broadway - is the de luxe street of the town - four rows of elms down it - and as for mansions - c/u. never saw anything  like them: one mansion - surely 40 rooms - double - doubtless built half for the parents and half for the children - such as Waldo Peirce but he is the offspring of the great traditions here. & the name Peirce here is well at least legion - a not at all bad huge monument of lumber-jacks in bronze in action with their lumber tools - posed  high in a block of granite - given by W's uncle.  Luther Peirce who also gave a lot of money to this  superb library in which I spend so much time - wonderful really.
The towns people so amiable & so good loving -
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