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Mrs. Vincent Astor - Y. Bordeaux.  "Tourney Y"
Robert Woods Bliss - Telephone Saxe 7032
Charles Anthony.  Primiers - Gievres District
Miss Hope Butler.  Y.M.C.A. - cantine experience
                   Hut equipment - at Headquarters.
Mr. Beasley - Div. Sec.  Gondrecourt.  now at Neufchateau
Mr. Bunkett [Winnetka man] Gondrecourt
? Lieut. Barrett.  Langres - has gotten up shows - Langres
Winthrop Ames.  Cable. address
  NEW. YORK           NEW. YORK.
Luanda Bateson..  Elysee Hotel   Paris
Miss Burr - Y.  Bordeaux } - Now in Toul Area
      with Mrs Astor    }
K.C. Brown - appointed as coach at Dijon
     Boston man       - goes to Italy in Sept. ?
Mrs. E.A. Bigelow Jr
     91 Ave Henri Martin - Paris.    met at Mildreds     I asked her to be Jean d Arc
or  Auto chir No 7
     (Front)   21 Rue Pinel - Paris
Barone De Bremont
     28 Avenue Friedland.
Leverett Bradley.  care Dr. Martins   Abbeville
Geo Balsdon  The "Admiral"
               Brought me from Abbeville to Paris
[[underlined]] Movies [[/underlined]]
Lt. J.A. Bennett   Amex R.C.O.  Modane
 [[line drawn from "Bennett" to:]] great service