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[[circled]] 52 [[/circled]]
Sat 13.
Interviewed - coaches all morning at HQ. and did some writing - had talk with Walker - Drew up a diagram - showing the way "Army Talent" division should grow and function
Rainy afternoon.
Sunday. 14. - France's Great Day
Called on Lucinda Bateson - didn't see her. saw Ralph Bradley. Captain.
Jack away still - Mildred away over week end.
Caroline Hill in England. Fred [[?]] away somewhere. Suddenly felt very much alone in the World - and after lunch - went to the Palais Royale and saw a funny farce - [[Maturir?]] - and home early to bed.
[[strikethrough]] Sunday 14. [[/strikethrough]] Soldiers of [[all?]] the Allies - swarmed over the city - never before in the history of the World possibly - were more types of soldiers gathered together who were all on the same side - our men made a brave showing and were splendidly received. the English also - more cheered and of course the beloved Poilu 
- Met Picken in the road - on foot. rare sight.
Monday. 15 - The Hun began his great offensive ? last night - never before have the guns been heard more clearly. The suspense is then over and the [[?]] of killing the beast in great numbers begins again on our part. and he pushes. nearer and nearer to this beautiful goal of his lust
It may turn out to a flash in the pan - but it is time for the great machine to move again and at ten oclock came another [[?]] message - which looks like the same beginning. Big Bertha dropped a bomb into our midst and continued to remind us of her presence - by dropping them all the afternoon, and one as late as 8.30.

Transcription Notes:
Poilu is an informal term for a French World War I infantryman Big Bertha is the name of a type of super-heavy mortar