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I did some writing this morning in the deserted Y.M.C.A H.Q. [it is still a holiday and everything is closed.]
Made a chart - showing method of most easily reaching the soldier with my plan.
Wrote to Miss Saltonstall at St. Aignan in answer to her very nice report to me on the beginning of her work there. Also wrote another letter [a hard one to write and much harder one for him to read] about E.B. 
- Called on Henry who wasn't in.  coudn't somehow eat alone  -  so drifted into the France et Charsenl hoping to find Elsie Sergeant and possibly Gertrude Ely.  [I had heard a rumor that she was expected shortly]
There they both were!  it certainly was good to see Gertrude.  Walter Damrock came by appointment to lunch with her and M___  Tardien's first hand man was to lunch with Elsie Sergeant - so we all lunched together 
Damrock's two concerts were greatly appreciated in Paris. I'm sorry he hasn't been handled with finesse by some of our good, but somewhat unappreciative Y. officials at H.Q. - An artist has to be treated differently than a mason - I'm afraid with his feelings somewhat ruffled by rather stupid handling of a delicate situation - he may not play any more for the soldiers which would be a great pity - There is another side to the question  I am sure - and he has been the cause of a great deal of trouble no doubt - possibly it could all have been avoided if more tact had been used.  by all concerned.
After dinner, I sat on a bench - and an American soldier regaled me with the  most vivid and terrible side of fighting which I have ever heard - he told it in simple manner.  he was no novice at fighting and wasn't showing off - but it was a straight forward well told series of incidents.  stirring in the extreme - Big Bertha brought his tales to an end, when she